Potty training commences

Quentin said his first prayer by himself this week.  It was sort of an anomaly I guess because he hasn't done it completely alone since.  He likes to interject while we pray though.  He's thankful for the prophet, Jesus, Grandpa Kalei, Grandma Vicki, himself, and baby Wy-Wy.

He has never been shy about expressing his feelings and is even better at it nowadays as he says "I don't like it" or "I don't want it" all the time.  He called a song he liked "beautiful music."  While we were playing outside he was riding his bike and he told me he was "going to the temple, over there." He then turned his bike around and said he was "going to the temple, over there."  I swear I did not tell him to say that :)

He has started to eat a variety of food, not a big variety, but it's a lot better than before.  I think it's helped that we strapped his booster to a dining chair and he now sits at the table with us during dinner.  I have been feeding him less snacks and instead he eats lunch at 11 AM before nap time so he is ready to eat when we eat. I also started to give him at least three different foods per meal and I try to have one of those foods something he doesn't usually eat.  He is pretty good about trying something if he smells it first.

We started to potty train him this weekend, Albert's weekend anyway (Thursday and Friday).  We put the diapers away (according to the three day potty training method you're supposed to throw them away, but I just can't throw away perfectly good diapers for multiple reasons), and he had five accidents the first day and three the second day.  Hopefully he'll start to be able to hold his urine instead of letting it flow whenever and wherever.  He doesn't seem to have a problem pooping in the potty for that I'm grateful.

After bathing Quentin likes to pretend that his towel is a cape and runs around holding his cape saying "Batman!"  He's never seen Batman so I'm not sure where he got it.  If he has to do anything physically difficult he flexes all the muscles in his torso and says "Superman!"

Wyatt rolled back to front, but doesn't do it all the time.  He has been sleeping great at night ever since Albert got him going to sleep with the sound machine on our trip.  I plugged in our sound machine when we got home and it seems to be working.  Since he had to sleep in the pack n' play on our trip he got used to not sleeping in the swing so I just put him in his bed and he rolls onto his side and sucks his thumb and sleeps until about 4:00 AM.  He usually takes two naps a day and sometimes a very short third if the other two weren't very good.  He hasn't been napping for very long though.

He likes to stand on my lap and needs very little support when sitting.  Like most babies, he likes to be up and is generally perfectly happy if his belly is full, he's rested, and I'm holding him.  He isn't as into the Jumperoo as Quentin was.  He will sit in it for about five minutes and then he wants out. Quentin would jump until he passed out, he loved it so much.  He suddenly refused to take a pacifier.  We were excited when he was so good about taking it early on, but now we just have to hope he'll suck his thumb or hand to sooth himself.


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