No rest for the weary

It has been the rainy season here in New Mexico so we have been getting some pretty intense rain storms every evening.  There is usually a lot of thunder and Quentin is always asking "dat noise?"  He knows what it is, but he still asks.  One night when I was putting him to bed he was wanting me to turn off the rain.  I told him that only Jesus could that so he wanted to say a prayer that Jesus would turn off the rain.  

We taught Quentin to say "you're beautiful" and "you're gorgeous."  He will occasionally tell me I'm beautiful.  He also likes to look right in my eyes and say "blue eyes!"  He commented that the wavy part of his water bottle was beautiful.  

Quentin doesn't usually eat beef, but he does love beef jerky.  When he doesn't get what he want he does this little hopping dance while he cries.  At least he hasn't thrown himself on the ground yet.  

Quentin also loves bike rides. He actually has become quite obsessed with riding his bike since Albert bought me a bike for my upcoming birthday, fixed up his bike, and bought a bike trailer for the kids.  We have been talking about going on family bike rides for awhile and we finally got to go on one, which was fun.

Wyatt suddenly decided he didn't want to sleep anymore.  He has been sleeping for four hours and then waking up every 45 minutes, he also doesn't like naps.  I have been working pretty hard during the day to get him to sleep as much as possible so he's not overly tired at night and then I spend all night feeding him since he won't calm down any other way.  I'm not sure what were going to do about it or how much longer I can function without any sleep.  It's pretty sad when you wish the baby would sleep at least as well as he did when he was a newborn.  I'm thinking it might be some pre-teething since he's chomping down with his gums. He's also puking a lot again.

We have started doing Family Home Evening (finally) right after dinner and I have really enjoyed it.  We just do a prayer, song, and a very short lesson from our church's nursery manual.  We usually make a treat on Mondays so then we eat that afterwards.  It's been great and I hope we can keep it up.

I decided to go back to zumba since I wasn't enjoying the toning class I had been going to and it's been great.  I was concerned about the amount of people that go the zumba class and how Wyatt would do, but it's been pretty good.  He hasn't been falling asleep in the car lately so he just hangs out until the end and then I usually have to bail out a little early.


kimi + joe said…
I love that you taught him to say "you're beautiful" and you're gorgeous" -- talk about a confidence booster!

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