Four Corners

Albert wanted to visit four corners on our way up to Utah on August 14. He had done some research and figured that it would be about 15 minutes off the route we were taking but it ended up being about an hour. 

According to their website four corners closes at 7:00 PM in the summer. We were flying down a two lane road following another car we assumed was going to the same place since they were going fast. We ended up pulling up to the gate at 6:59 PM. After all that The sign read that it actually closes at 8 PM so we had plenty of time to check out the booths and take pictures at the plaque marking the spot where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado all meet.

Family photo!

There are some booths were Native Americans sell there wares.  Mostly jewelry and some dream catchers.

On the road again, heading to Moab.


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