Cousin Time!

After fishing on August 19 we went over to my brother's house to hang out.  It's always interesting to go there because he bought my parent's old house, the house we grew up in.  It's sort of the same and sort of different.  I have so many memories of that little house and there was a time when every dream I had was based there along with all my family members.

Here are some pictures of us hanging out and playing at my old stomping grounds:

We left the boys there and they stayed with my parents while we went out to eat at a steak restaurant.  It was nice to get out and not have to worry about Quentin climbing all over and Wyatt wanting to nurse. When we got back to my parents' my nephew Korbin wanted to have a bath.  I guess he often asks to have a bath when he visits grandma, not sure why.  So we have the obligatory cousins in the bath tub pictures.  They were having a great time swimming around.

Quentin had a GREAT time grandma's and asks to go back all time, starting the day we got back home.


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