Arches National Park

On August 15 we woke up and ate at the Eklecticafe Cafe before driving through Arches National Park.  It was so nice sitting outside and eating biscuits and gravy and eggs and bacon. I went on a family vacation there when I was about 14, but Albert had never been there.  I didn't really remember anything except Delicate Arch so it was fun to see all the amazing rock formations with my little family.  Albert took LOTS of pictures so by the end of the post you'll feel like you went there too.

Just inside the entrance of the park.

Sassy little boy

My favorite was the "three gossips"

Balancing rock

There are lots of different arches in the park, but we didn't go explore them like other tourists.

Having two little ones and six more hours of driving to do that day we opted to view the Delicate Arch from the viewing area instead of hiking up to it.  Luckily Albert brought his big lens so we got a decent view even though we were far away.

More cool looking formations as we finished our way around the park.

We had to take a milk/diaper changing break and walked around a little bit before the long drive.  It was getting hot so we didn't take long.


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