2nd Dentist Appointment

On July 25th Quentin had his second dental appointment.  He did a little better this time.  Albert really likes it because they have lots of tvs there.  There are two in the lobby, one for the adults and one for the kids and each chair has a cartoon movie playing.  He wants to change pediatricians because he feels they too should have tvs in the lobby and each room.  I keep telling him I've never been to a pediatrician with such facilities. 

Also before we left the dentist asked if we were LDS.  He goes to a ward in the same building and has seen us in passing.  I guess we stand out :)

Quentin always chooses the Dora and Diego toothbrush because I once told him that he was the Diego character.  Wyatt looks a little more like Diego, but close enough.  His teeth are all coming in nicely with no visible cavities.  His last molar is almost completely in.


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