Poopy Week

On Monday I went to get Quentin from his nap and found him covered in poop along with all of his bedding, toys that were on his bed, and some on the floor.  I had heard stories of this happening to other people, but thought that maybe we were going to get away with not having to go through it ourselves, at least with Quentin.  No such luck.  

Fortunately Albert had just gotten home from work so he helped with the clean up.  The worst part was cleaning up the crusted poo off his lips.  The next day it happened again, but not as bad.  We've been diligent about putting on onsies or his pajamas before he takes a nap. 

He has been acting more rambunctious and our patience is wearing thin. He seems to do better when we're out of the house, but some days I just can't wait until nap time. This two-year-old business is tough.  There are lots of cute and sweet things he does and says through out the day though.  He will occasionally give us hugs and kisses for no reason.  His grammar is getting a lot better and he is saying more complete sentences.  
He started saying "This is fun!" He is also really into Superman for some unknown reason.  I don't know when he even found out about Superman, but he loves to say "Quentin strong! Superman!" and he says "Super Quentin!" He likes to watch "Super Why" and the main character's name is Wyatt so he calls our Wyatt "Super WyWy."

I asked him if you were to do something nice for Mama what would you do and he said he'd give me a treat.  I asked him what kind of treat and he said strawberries.  I asked him what he would do for Dada and he said he'd give him chicken nuggets and he'd give WyWy tickles.

On Thursday he went to the dentist for the second time and he did better this time.  They are really great about trying to help them feel comfortable and don't force him to do anything he doesn't want to do.  Afterwards the dentist asked me if we were LDS and he said he recognized us from church.  He goes to one of the wards (congregation) in our same building.

Wyatt turned four months old today is still laughing and grabbing at everything.  He's been so fun lately, wanting to play and interact.  He's a great night time sleeper for the most part and he really likes his morning nap, but he can be tough to put down for his afternoon nap. Probably because his morning naps are usually long because he sleeps the whole time we're out.  I think he just likes to hang out while Quentin's asleep so he gets all the attention.

On Thursday we finally used our Groupon for family pictures at JC Penney's.  We decided to do it since we could get three pictures on a CD.  They turned out pretty good.  Pictures are so expensive and no one wants to give you the digital copies around here, even regular photographers.

On Friday we went to the Museum of Nuclear Science and History since it was free for today.  Right after we pulled up I got a bee sting on my back.  I didn't know what it was because I hadn't ever had one before. It hurt quite a bit.  I had heard that they hurt, but I can tell you it's true they really do.

Other than that our trip to the museum was pretty fun.  It is my favorite museum in Albuquerque so far.  Quentin was acting crazy, but he loved the air planes they have outside.

I went back to zumba on Monday and Wednesday instead of the boot camp class I had been going to.  I was going to wait until school started again since people bring their kids and there are a lot of big kids, but I couldn't wait. There were a lot of big kids acting crazy, but I kept my kids by me and they were ok.  I enjoy it a lot more and it doesn't feel like I'm working out so much.  I think I actually work harder too because I actually like it.  Burpees and planks are not my idea of fun.  


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