Pool time

I've been keeping busy with my calling in Young Women's teaching the 12-15 year old girls at church.  I'm in the presidency too so there are additional meetings and things we have to decide on and we have our weekday meetings to plan and attend too so it's kind of like a part time job.  I'm enjoying it.  There are parts of it that are hard for me like trying to get the girls to participate during our lessons and making sure they feel loved and accepted.  I'm much better at the administrative stuff.

Quentin will call out for his toys or whatever he can't find, "Are you, truck?"  He also likes to say "last one" when he wants us to read one more book.  We'll read one more book and then he'll pick up another and say "last one" again. He is kind of obsessed with matching pictures. Whenever he finds the picture inside the book that matches the cover he has to point it out a few times and yell "same! same!" Or if there's a similar picture of a butterfly in one book he has to get out the other book to find the picture that matches. 

His new favorite book is one I bought for Albert when we found out we were pregnant with Quentin. It is a story about a Filipino-American who moves back to the Philippines and teaches words in Tagolog and cultural things. It's called Filipino Friends and so he is always saying "Filipino! Filipino!

Quentin has gotten good at going up the stairs holding the railing as long as we hold his hand.  He also likes to try and count the stairs as he goes, but some of the numbers are a little out of order. He also says "that noise?" all the time.  Most of the time he already knows what the sound is, but he will keep saying it until we respond.

Like most babies, Wyatt doesn't like tummy time, but Quentin tries to keep him entertained so he can go a little longer. He's also really good at throwing diapers away and getting a burp rag when I need it.  He loves to put his face right next to Wyatt's and will give him hugs and kisses.

Wyatt will occasionally laugh, which is super cute. He's also slept from 7 PM to 6:30 AM a couple times, although he sometimes has a hard time going to sleep or will wake up at 4:00 or 5:00 AM.  I'm hoping that we will be able to hire one of the young women I work with at church to do some babysitting soon since he sleeps pretty well in the evening.  Unfortunately Quentin has been waking up, but not until 2:00 AM or so and then he'll go back to sleep.  Wyatt also likes to roll onto his side.  He has even done it from his belly so I'm thinking it won't be too much longer until he rolls all the way over.

We went swimming for playgroup on Wednesday at a friend's new heated pool.  I wasn't planning on bringing Wyatt into the water, but Quentin tired of the pool quickly and wanted to get out so I found the extra swimming diaper I brought and put it on Wyatt.  He didn't like it at first, but then he started kicking a little bit so we sat in the water until his arms got cold.  I'm sure he would have more fun if Dad were there.


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