Love Bugs

Quentin's vocabulary is constantly growing.  He's getting good at explaining things and he likes to act out stories, especially those that we tell Dad about our day when he comes home from work.  His nursery leaders were impressed that he new the words "prophet" and "temple."  He still has problems throwing things constantly and occasionally hitting.  I'm not sure what to do about it since time-out doesn't seem to stop the problem.

Wyatt is getting pretty good at grabbing things, which takes a great deal of hand-eye coordination for the little tyke. He has always been really good at not scratching his face except for this week.  I went to get him on Monday morning and he had scratches all over his forehead.  It was so sad.  It looks like it's healing ok so hopefully he won't have scars on his face.  His hair on the back of his head and on the sides are starting to rub off and I haven't seen any cradle cap yet.  He has been waking up once between 7 PM - 7 AM around 4:30 AM, which has been great.


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