Forth of July

If we ask Quentin something he doesn't want to hear he keeps asking "what?" over and over again.  It's super annoying so obviously we started doing it back to him when he asks for something we don't want to give him and then we all laugh.

Wyatt is already that little brother who looks up to his brother adoringly.  He loves to watch Quentin and smile.  Sometimes Quentin will throw him a bone and pay him some attention, but I have to constantly remind him to "be soft" and "don't touch his eyes."  The biggest problem is still Quentin throwing all sorts of things around the baby.  Really it's a general problem, but I really don't want him hurting his brother.

Wyatt seems to have found his hands which he sucks on frequently.  He likes to grab things especially blankets or burp rags.  He's been sleeping pretty well, better than Quentin some nights.  He usually only wakes up once a night.

Wednesday we went to the zoo for free with my friend Natalie and her kids and nieces.  Thursday was busy.  We went to our church 4th of July breakfast followed by the Rio Rancho parade.  We upgraded my phone and went to Sams Club before we dropped by our friend's house for their BBQ.  Then we came home and had Quentin play with sparklers before the firework display combined with lightening from the rain storm.  I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch around 10. Unfortunately Quentin didn't sleep as well as I would have liked after going to bed so late and was a mess Friday morning.

Friday Albert hung up a bunch of pictures.  Wyatt's room is almost done and looks really cute.  Decorating is a long process, but totally worth it.


Shaunel said…
HA HA! I remember Jackson doing the "what!" phase. Love your comeback :)

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