Albuquerque Aquarium & Botanic Garden

We were able to go to the Albuquerque Aquarium & Botanic Garden on Friday, June 21 for free thanks to the local radio station.  First we checked out the botanic garden, which was good because by the time we were through at 10:00 AM it was pretty hot.  While we were out there it was nice weather and it was fun to walk around and see some greenery, which isn't very common around here.

We really liked the little farm they had.  It was set up like the old farms they had in New Mexico and reminded me of when we went to Texas.  Quentin loved the animals and the train that went by.

They also had a Japanese garden and a butterfly pavilion, which were pretty, and a miniature train set that was cool.

After visiting the botanic garden we went to the aquarium.  The sting rays, jelly fish, and sharks were our favorite.  It wasn't nearly as impressive as the one in Baltimore or Sea World of course, but I couldn't complain since it was free :)

I really loved watching the different types of jelly fish.  I think they are so beautiful.  Of course I wouldn't want to meet up with them in the wild.  Nor would I want to see those sharks with the crazy teeth outside the tank.  Quentin had such a great time he fell asleep on the way home, which is really rare. Unfortunately it didn't last long enough to get him in his bed for his nap.  


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