Wyatt's Blessing

My parents, sister, and brother came down from Wyoming for Wyatt's blessing on May 26.  We had a little open house on Saturday, May 25th where are neighbors and a few friends from church stopped by.  Quentin had a lot of fun with all the kids and the food turned out pretty good.  We had watermelon lemonade, a veggie tray, a fruit tray with creamy nutella dip, flourless peanut butter kiss cookies, and mango salsa with corn tortilla chips.

Before church on Sunday we took a few pictures:

Here's our little Wyatt on his two month birthday and our family pictures.  It's funny how you settle for just not crying and don't even bother trying to get them to look at the camera.

Albert was nervous to give Wyatt a name and a blessing since he hadn't done it in a long time. He did great though and everyone was sniffling around me.  A woman in the ward that I had never met came up to me afterwards and gave me the notes she took during the blessing, which we will keep forever.


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