Urine and laptops don't mix

Blogging has slowed down significantly since Quentin peed on the laptop and ruined the screen.  Albert was trying to get him dressed after his bath while I was sitting on the floor recording the books we had read for the library's summer reading program on the laptop so we could get our free books when he stood above the laptop and started peeing on the screen.  We were quite surprised that he did that since he generally has good control without his diaper on.  A friend posted on Facebook that they used to use urine as ammonia to clean things so it's not a surprise that we had to get a new one that won't be here until next week.  Thank heavens for Sam's Club auction site.

After Quentin woke up and ran into my room two nights in a row I decided it was time to move him back into his crib from his toddler bed.  I really don't need another excuse to be up at 3 AM so I figure we can wait until Wyatt is sleeping through the night before we try again.  I thought he might be disappointed, but he was actually happy to go back.

Wyatt is sleeping better this week only waking up a couple times a night, usually at 2 AM and then again at 5- 6 AM.  I don't consider that morning.  He's cooing and smiling more, but I have the hardest time taking pictures of it since he stops every time he sees the camera.

I decided to take the boys for a walk one morning and ended up making a trip to Big Lots.  I really should go there more often they have a lot of good stuff.  For those who are gluten free there are lots of gf mixes there.  I decided to go to McDonalds for lunch since it's right by Big Lots, which ended up being fun.  Quentin actually ate chicken nuggets with bbq sauce and I nursed Wyatt without any problems.  I'd like to do this again, the boys were really tuckered out afterwards.

Thursday and Friday we spent a lot of time researching and test driving vans, more on that later.  We also went to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science on Friday morning (our first real outing besides going out the eat and shopping since we moved here).  It was free due to the Free Summer Fun Roadshow from Jackie, Tony, and Donnie. I hope to go to all of the events so we can get out of the house.  We really miss doing fun stuff every weekend like we did in DC.

On Friday we spent some of our Restaurant.com coupons at our new favorite restaurant, Prime.  They only serve breakfast and lunch, but boy is it good.  Lots of great sandwiches to choose from and the burger with sweet potato fries is my favorite.  We want to save up and go to Vernon's steakhouse which is a secretive speakeasy where there is no sign and you have to have a password to get in.  It's really expensive though so we're thinking maybe for Albert's birthday.  Hopefully Wyatt will be sleeping through the night by then so we can leave them with a babysitter.  Luckily with my calling in the Young Women's I know lots of potential babysitters :)


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