Getting out

Sunday was Father's Day and since Albert had to work in the afternoon I planned on getting up and making breakfast, etc. Of course Albert, being the great dad that he is, got up with Quentin after I fell back asleep after feeding Wyatt.  I did make waffles, bacon, and eggs when I did wake up with Quentin's help.  Quentin tries my patience often during the day, but he is really quite good when it comes to helping with cooking, particularly mixing ingredients.  He rarely makes a mess and he is a good listener.  He can also be helpful when it comes to Wyatt.  He gives him his binky, throws away diapers, and gets his burp rag for me.

On Tuesday and Thursday I went to my new work out class again.  It's a bit like a boot camp class so I've been pretty sore.   I took Quentin and Wyatt for the first time and surprisingly they were really great.  I think it helped Quentin to have Wyatt there even though he's a baby and was asleep most of the time. On Thursday I just took Quentin since Albert was home and could take care of Wyatt.  My friend came and brought her daughter and son so Quentin had a great time playing with them.

Wednesday we went to the library for "beep and bop" which is for 1-5 yr olds and they sing songs and play with musical instruments.  It's very popular and you have to register ahead of time, which can be tough if you wait until the day before like I did.  Luckily someone canceled so we got in.  I'm not sure if Quentin really liked it or not. He didn't really seem to, but he said he did.  I haven't decided if we should go back next week or if we should try and go to the $1 movie, of course I'm not confident I could take care of Quentin and Wyatt for a full 90 minutes to 1 hour during a movie.

We got our free Redbox codes and then we rented another just for fun so we watched three movies in 24 hours.  Luckily they were better than anticipated.  We watched "Warm Bodies," "Snitch," and "Oz the Great and Powerful" if you're looking for something to do this weekend.

We haven't really done the potty training bit like I thought we would.  Instead we went to the Albuquerque Aquarium and Botanic Garden for another Free Summer Fun activity on Friday morning.  It was nice walking around outside in the gardens and seeing the jelly fish and sharks in the aquarium.


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