Changing beds


Wednesday Wyatt turned three months old.  He is getting so big!  He's moved onto 3-6 month size when it comes to his pajamas and is also sleeping a lot better at night.  Most nights he only wakes up once or twice from 7 PM to 7 AM and one time not at all.  That would mean I am getting more sleep except for the fact that we had to move Quentin into his toddler bed again since he started getting out of his crib with no problem.  The first couple nights he got out and I found him playing in the loft at 4 AM so I put the door knob cover on his door and he has been staying in bed much better.  If he seems to have a problem going to bed I watch him on the monitor and tell him to get back in bed and he does.

Wyatt has started sucking his thumb occasionally.  I read in "The Baby Whisperer" that I shouldn't worry about it since this is one of the only things he has control over besides his head and it's something he can do to sooth himself.  I figure it's okay since he's so little, we'll talk if he's a year old and still doing it.  I don't want to get all stressed out about it.  He is so cute and smiles a lot, especially when I change his diaper.  He likes it when we sing to him.  We moved the crib into his room, but so far it's just decoration since he still prefers to sleep in the swing.  It does look cute in there though.  We just need to hang up some pictures and we'll be done.

Two years old has been tough so far.  It is definitely harder since we had Wyatt since I can't jump up and help him as soon as he calls, but even when Albert's around he throws tantrums.  Sometimes he calms down after we have a time out.  Hopefully it'll get better next year.

After talking about it for weeks, I finally got my hair cut.  It was driving me crazy with the heat and Wyatt has a bad habit of puking on my hair right after I washed it.  It's a nice change.


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