Big boy

Quentin has been forming a lot more sentences.  He says, "I found you!" and "Sit over there, please."  He also says that things are "awesome."  If we unbuckle him from his carseat, we can open the door from a button in the driver's seat and he can crawl out and go to the door on his own.  He can also open and close the van door from the outside himself since all you have to do is push a button.

Another exciting milestone was that Quentin peed in the potty on Thursday evening and a few times on Friday.  We stopped by Toys R Us and decided to buy a different potty since the once we already had isn't very comfortable for him so he can't sit on it for long, which is a must for potty training.  The old potty is one you put on the toilet so he may have peed before but we didn't have any proof, but this time we could tell for sure.  He's been really interested in sitting on the toilet lately so hopefully we can work on potty training for real.

Quentin is quite talented in throwing and catching.  He likes to say a bunch of numbers followed by "hut, hut, hut, hike!" I'm not sure where he gets his love of sports, it's surely not from either of us, of course we did meet at a church activity were we watched a college football game.

We put Quentin in the bathtub while Wyatt was in his little tub and they had their first brother's bath.  Usually Quentin gives us a hard time about getting in the tub, although he loves being in there once we get him in there, but he always wants to get in the tub now he can have a bath with his brother.

Quentin's night time routine was getting out of hand so we cut it down.  We only read 3-5 books a night depending on how long they are, and sing a maximum of three songs.  We do this for both his nap and before bed so don't worry that he's not getting enough books read to him.

Wyatt is getting big.  He's so so cute.  I'm obsessed with him.  We're still working on sleeping through the night and hopefully will move him to his own room soon.

We bought a new van on Saturday and we are really liking it so far.  I have had some moments where I wasn't too happy with the navigation system, but I'm figuring it out now so we're friends again.  We also got our new laptop with Windows 8, which is a big tricky to navigate despite all the commercials that claim it's super intuitive.

It seems like I've plateaued in the weight loss department so I've decided to start working out on a regular basis.  There's a boot camp type workout at church on Tuesday and Thursday, which I hope will work out with taking the boys with me on Tuesdays.  I went for the first time on Thursday and it was pretty tough.  Hopefully I'll start seeing results soon!  I'm getting tired of wearing the two pairs of leggings that fit me.

My new calling is taking up a lot of time.  On Sunday I had to go to a meeting before church where I had to give the spiritual thought, teach the lesson at church, and then we had another meeting at my house after church.  I was hoping that if we had it at my house the boys would be better behaved, but no such luck. I think I'm done with after church meetings while Albert is working.  I just spend the whole time trying to pacify the boys so it's not really worth it.


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