What I'm diggin'

I'm not not as excited about doing the recipe of the week post these days so I've decided to do something different.  I'm going to post a bunch of random stuff that I like.  I'm aiming for a weekly post, but these days I'm struggling with that sort of commitment, so we'll see how it goes.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub: We got this as a gift for Quentin and we've been using it for Wyatt.  Both babies have loved it.  It allows them to kick while still feeling secure.  I don't have to hold him up and the water comes up pretty high so it keeps him warm.  He doesn't cry anymore during bath time like he did when we were bathing him in the sink.

Real Salt: My friend's family makes this stuff in central Utah and it's good.  I didn't think it mattered if you had a certain type of salt, but I'm telling you it's worth it.

Sabatier Food Chopper: Albert bought this for me a a few months ago and I've really enjoyed it. I love that you can have perfectly sliced potatoes in seconds and I'm really looking forward to using it on some onions. I really have a hard time chopping them, my eyes get super watery.

Creamy Nutella Dip Recipe: I made this for our little get together for Wyatt's blessing and it was delicious. I actually had been thinking of what would make a good dip and thought Nutella, cream cheese, and whipped cream would be great together. Then I came across this recipe that I had pinned on Pinterest awhile a go and it had the same ingredients. Highly recommend it!

Street Food Asia: A great Asian restaurant in Albuquerque.  Albert bought several Groupons and they know who we are.  We went there with my family and my dad ordered a huge bowl of calamari.  He thought it was talapia.  So please note that calamari is squid before you go there.

Muller Greek Yogurt:  We found this stuff at Sam's Club and it is delicious.  I always bought Muller yogurt in Italy and I would eat huge containers of it in one sitting. No lie, it is that good. The caramelized almonds are the best!


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