Take deep breaths

Quentin "reading" to Wyatt

Saturday was my first time taking both boys out of the house by myself.  We just went to the grocery store, but it ended up being a good experience.  Wyatt was actually awake, but content to sit in his seat and Quentin actually sat in the front (he usually likes to sit in the back, but W has taken over the entire cart).  It didn't hurt that they were giving out all sorts of samples that day so Q was busy eating cake and crackers.  I didn't attempt it again the rest of the week, maybe next week.

We had planned on going back to church on Sunday, but Albert had to go into work early that day so I decided to wait a week so I didn't have to be by myself in Sacrament meeting the first week back.  Quentin, Wyatt, and I had a little picnic in the back on the new grass.  It was great weather and the shade covers that area in the afternoon so it was great.

Quentin throws things whenever he gets frustrated or mad and has hit his brother more than once with various toys.  We've tried everything to get him to stop, but haven't been successful.  Our latest idea is to have him take deep breaths when he gets mad.  When we see him getting mad we say "take deep breaths in and out."  When he does it he runs out of the room, something we never told him to do.  It does work when he chooses to do it and we catch it in time, but usually he just ignores us.

I try to get Quentin to "help" me whenever I'm doing something he can do.  He is very good at holding the dust pan when I sweep and he is also good at making rice in the rice cooker.  It's very important when you're half Filipino to know how to make rice.  He is good at pouring anyway and that is 90% of making rice.

Wyatt is getting so big.  I guess I'll be saying that every week until he's 18 or so, at least 18 months old.  He's getting little rolls on his thighs and under his chin.  He loves laying on his play mat and can be totally satisfied for 20 minutes, which is a lifetime for a 5 week old.  His night time sleeping habits haven't changed.  He still wakes up 2-4 times a night, mostly depending on when I go to bed, which is highly dependent on Albert's work schedule.  When he gets gassy it's impossible to lay him down for more than five minutes without him crying.  I have to keep telling myself that this too will pass.  It's always hard when you're going through something to remember things change all the time, especially with babies.


kimi + joe said…
Love that photo, so tender. Is it taken in Q's new room? Hard to tell for sure.

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