W smiling for the camera

Wyatt has been pretty gassy again, which means a lot of crying and wanting to be held and nursed constantly.  Luckily it seems to have subsided for now.  He's been smiling a lot lately, which is super cute.  It's really hard to catch them on camera because they only last a second.  He even will smile when Albert is tickling him.

Quentin is learning so much all the time.  He says short sentences now.  He used to say "Mom, I'll pick it up," which really meant "Mom, pick it up."  He has now dropped the "I'll" since it isn't what he meant.  When we tell Quentin something he doesn't want to hear he'll say "okay, bye."  He also likes to talk to Wyatt.  He'll put his face really close to Wyatt's and says "Hi, Baby!"

He is also really good at saying the last words of sentences in books and songs.  I'm always surprised how fast he learns a new song or book.  He likes the male part of "A Child's Prayer" and sings along with a lot of it.  It's so cute when he says "heav'n." 

We went to Toddler Time at the library, but we were 15 minutes late, which is substantial when it only lasts 30 minutes.  Quentin had fun, but was really loud in the library.  He was excited to see the plane and dragon hanging from the ceiling and yelled "Plane! Vroom!" and then "Dragon! Roar!"  He doesn't really understand speaking quietly.  Anytime he sees a train (usually on tv) he'll yell "Choo! Choo! All Aboard!."

On Monday we went to Target and the Dollar Tree and survived.  I had to put Wyatt in the Ergo Carrier because he was screaming when we got inside which prompted a lot of looks.  I'm slowly trying to get out more.  I'm not sure if it promotes sanity or not.  Every time I got to the store I end up coming home without something I was sure I bought, but didn't even make it on the receipt. 

On Wednesday I had my 6 week check up with my midwife and everything looks good.  I was looking forward to going to zumba on Friday since Albert would be home to watch the boys, but it was cancelled :(  I'm going to have to motivate myself and get out my new Jillian Michaels workout videos I bought during pregnancy.  On Thursday I had to get a tooth refilled.  It's a real bummer that not only do you have to worry about getting new cavities, but then you also have to get old ones redone every so often.


Liz Szilagyi said…
Just caught up on your blog. I love the brother comparison pictures. One of the early weeks one (I think it was three weeks) I guessed Wyatt was Quentin. He just looked so much how I remember Quentin looking as a baby. It'll be interesting to see how much they look alike as they keep growing.

I love hearing your thoughts about "getting out." It really is so much work once you have two! I'm all about putting the baby in the Ergo or leaving her in her car seat. It's just too much to have two kids and no hands.

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