Keeping it together

Quentin on a walk with his toy drill

Quentin had fun riding a bike through Sams Club during our weekly outing. He is still talking up a storm. He says "eat time" and "all done. Way, way." Which I'm assuming means away. He also says "ready a go" a lot. I ask him where he wants to go and he almost always says park, which is funny because he doesn't actually play at the park whenever we go. 

Wyatt smiles whenever he wakes up in the morning and coos a lot. It's adorable. It's been hit and miss with sleeping at night. Some nights he'll only wake up twice and other nights it's five times. He's also been gassy some days which is really hard because he cries all day and I have to hold him a lot. Otherwise he's happy to lay on the couch on a blanket and kick for awhile. 

I'm looking forward to next summer.  I've been in survival mode for the past couple years with Quentin's birth and then moving a bunch, buying a condo and a house, and having another baby so I'm thinking next year is going to be good.  Quentin will be three and will be able to join things like t-ball or soccer and will be potty trained.  Wyatt will be nursing less and sleeping more so I'll have more energy and ability to be away from him.  Hopefully I'll be better at juggling the demands of two little kids.

My parents and brother and sister came down Thursday night for Wyatt's blessing on Sunday so we're having fun with them!  Being closer to family is probably the best part of living in New Mexico.  That and the great weather.


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