This week was one of celebrations.  We had Mother's Day on Sunday.  I came downstairs for breakfast and Quentin yelled "ta-da!" instead of the practiced "Happy Mother's Day!"  Albert gave me a cute card with Quentin and Albert's hand prints and Wyatt's foot print (since he generally likes to keep his hands in a fist).  He also gave me a nice jewelry set with Wyatt's birthstone, aquamarine.  

Also on Sunday, I was called to be the 2nd councilor in Young Women's so I'll be busy with that.  I'm happy that I'll still be teaching on Sundays.

Friday was our 5th wedding anniversary.  Albert gave me a sweet new iPod and I gave him permission to buy a new DVD player.  He's much better at researching such things and has more of an opinion on electronics.  We went out to eat at Outback, which went pretty well.  No major breakdowns.  

The kids and I went to playgroup on Thursday while Albert went to the dentist.  Quentin went down the slide twice and then hung out by me the rest of the time.  Friday morning I took Quentin with me to zumba for the first time in months.  I just about died and my abs were so sore, I felt sick.

Quentin has started to say "hold you now!" instead of just "hold you." He also said "hold you tight" which was pretty cute.  

Wyatt is more and more alert and aware of people around him.  He loves to look at his dad and will crane his neck to see him when he hears his voice.  We also bought him a new swing that he seems to like.  He seems to be getting better about sleeping and is waking up usually two times a night.  Of course there was that one night where he woke up five times and Albert ended up staying home during the morning so I could get some sleep.


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