Hanging out in the Hospital

We were stuck in the hospital for 48 hours and Quentin couldn't come visit so we had lots of quality time with our new baby.  Like usual we had lots of visitors: nurses, doctors, midwives, photographers, a masseuse, house keeping, and hospital administrators.  Plus the periodic phone call or text message from friends and family. We didn't have much time in between visits to rest, even in the middle of the night.

Albert picked up Quentin from my friend Nicole's during the afternoon and took him home for a nap and bath on Wednesday and Thursday.  On Wednesday he also brought him to the hospital and we ate our special lobster and steak meal in the lobby while the nurses watched Wyatt for us before Albert took him back to Nicole's.  When they got to the door Quentin kept pushing Albert away and saying "bye bye Dadda." Luckily, he was happy to stay there even though it was his first time away from us. We missed him like crazy though.

On Thursday my parents came into town at 2:00 PM so they watched Quentin until we were able to go home at 7:00 PM.  Wyatt got his circumcision on Thursday and we signed a bunch of papers to get out.


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