Settling in

My parents left on Saturday afternoon after we returned from Wyatt's first check-up.  He is doing great.  We had to go to the doctor within 48 hrs, even though it was the weekend, because of the strep B concerns, but he hasn't had any problems.  He weighed 6 lbs 8 oz, so almost back to his birth weight, and was 19.5" long.  Apparently he either shrunk an inch or he was never 20.5" long at birth.  Oh well.

Albert didn't go into work until Tuesday night (which would be his Friday) so I had some help until Wednesday morning when I had to take care of both boys by myself for a few hours.  It was rough.  Quentin wanted me to hold him and play airplanes with him the whole time.  Usually he is much more self reliant, but since we had the baby and he has had his dad or grandparents to entertain him he is much more needy making it even harder to take care of both of them.

Wednesday afternoon Albert's parents came into town and have been cooking and cleaning ever since.  They have been taking care of Quentin who loves all the attention.  They go for long walks in the neighborhood and play a lot. 

Wyatt is a good little sleeper.  Some nights he will wake up a lot because he falls asleep after eating for only a couple minutes and I can't get him to eat anymore, bu most nights (this week) he has only woke up two or three times and the first stretch is fairly long, three to four hours.  I definitely can't complain, I definitely remember waking up more with Quentin.  He sleeps a lot during the day and is awake during nap time and in the evenings around 9-10 PM.  He is also good at nursing, although he doesn't usually eat for very long so we end up nursing more frequently.  He is so cute and cuddly, I could just sit and stare at him all day long.

Since Quentin has been spending a lot of his time with his dad, our relationship has definitely changed.  I try and spend time with him putting him down for naps and bed, but it makes me a little sad that we aren't as close as we used to be.  I'm sure it will change once it's just the three of us.  Something I both look forward to and makes me very anxious.


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