Getting it together

Wyatt, one month old

This week was better.  I was able to get the boys on the same nap schedule so don't call between noon and 2 PM because we are all sleeping.  I have to be disciplined about making myself nap because it's the only time during the day I have some time to myself and sometimes I'd like to sit and eat lunch or something.  

I think getting Wyatt on a schedule, at least during the day has really helped my sanity because I haven't had any more depression since last week.  I pray everyday that I won't have to deal with that anymore and so far it's working!  Unfortunately the schedule hasn't translated into him waking up less at night.  I've tried putting him in the swing and keeping him awake longer so he'll more, but he is religious about waking up at the same time every night.

Quentin is getting more used to having a little brother around.  He sometimes still wants me to hold him when I'm holding Wyatt, but he hasn't been throwing a tantrum when I say I can't.  We're still working on getting him to stop throwing things as he has accidentally hit his brother a couple times in the head, but we haven't found a solution.  Time outs are great to get him to calm down afterwards, but his immediate reaction to throw things is a tough habit to break.

I'm hoping next week we can rejoin society.  I am just so in love with my boys.  I love to just watch them and I have to give them a million hugs and kisses everyday.  I am positive that I have the cutest, sweetest boys ever.


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