Easter 2013

On March 30th we colored the eggs I boiled on Monday.  It's a good thing I was on top of things for Easter otherwise the Easter Bunny wouldn't have made it this year with our baby surprise earlier in the week.  

I bought an egg coloring kit that has little tablets of dye.  Quentin helped me put them in the cups and while I was getting the vinegar the red one disappeared.  Quentin denied eating it but his lips sure were red and Albert said his poo was little red too.  I'm sure the taste was disappointing.

Quentin was more interested in breaking the shells than coloring on them.  Maybe he'll be more into it next year.

On Easter morning Quentin and Dad checked out his goods from the Easter Bunny while Wyatt and I got some extra sleep.

Wyatt was there. Watch out for your fingers because if the get close to Wyatt he'll use them as a pacifier.

We had an Easter Egg hunt for Quentin in the living room.  He was super fast at finding them all and so excited that his pants fell off.  He definitely loved the candy too.

Albert grilled up some steaks we had in the freezer for our holiday meal since I was going to go grocery shopping earlier but I felt terrible (because I was in labor) and didn't get to it.


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