Welcome Wyatt

Wyatt Charles
March 26, 2013 // 6:48 PM
6 lbs 11 oz // 20.5"

This week ended up being much more eventful than anticipated.  Sunday I started feeling contractions, which was weird because I never did when I was pregnant with Quentin.  They were pretty painful, but weren't regular and didn't get closer together than 10 minutes, not lasting more than 45-55 seconds at most.  Tuesday they started getting worse and long story short we ended up rushing to the hospital and delivering Wyatt without any medications less than 20 minutes after we got checked in. (I'll write up the full story later). 

Luckily my parents were already planning on coming down on Thursday to help us out until Saturday and my friend Nicole was able to take Quentin for the two nights we were in the hospital.  We had to stay the full 48 hours since I was strep B positive and there wasn't time to do any of the antibiotics.  We left the hospital at 7 pm on Thursday and spent Friday hanging out at home recovering while being waited on by my parents.

We haven't gotten a lot of sleep, but if you're going to be staying up all night cuddling this little guy is probably the best thing you could be doing.  It's been an adjustment especially for Quentin.  He likes him, but he's definitely jealous of all the attention he's getting.  It helped to have Grandma and Grandpa fawning over him for a few days and Albert's parents will be coming on Wednesday to help out.


Andi said…
Congratulations! He is darling! Your delivery story pretty much sounds just like mine. I can't wait to hear more!
kimi + joe said…
Welcome to the world, Wyatt! So glad you're here.

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