Marking Things Off the List

This week Albert put Quentin on the potty a couple times before bath time so he wouldn't be scared of it when potty training time actually comes.  We had to bribe him with M&Ms and his gummy vitamins to get him to just sit on it.  Nothing happened and he still won't voluntarily sit there, but it's a start.  I'm not sure when to actually start potty training since we have so many other big changes coming up like having a baby and moving him into a new room.  Luckily he stopped climbing out of his crib for now so hopefully we can delay that transition for a bit.  

Quentin continues to say new things all the time and is quite the chatter box.  On Tuesday my friend Nicole came over for a play date with her two kids.  Her son is one day older than Quentin so that's fun.  It was nice to have company and they had fun playing in the loft with all the toys.  On Thursday while Albert and I visited the temple together for the first time since before Quentin was born Q stayed with Nicole at her house.   Like usual he had a blast.  He loves going there and I'm so glad he's gotten used to staying with other people.  

Albert and I stopped by Home Goods since it's on the same side of town as the temple and we bought a stool for Quentin which he loves to use to wash his hands by himself.  It's also been great for me not to have to hold him while he washes his hands.  The stool had a few scratches on it so Albert asked if we could get a discount and the manager marked it down from $25 to $15!  We were thinking maybe 10% off so that was great.

On Friday Albert put up the shed he bought on Black Friday and organized the garage.  The guest room has become our holding room so we were finally able to put all our Christmas decorations on the shelves Albert put up in the garage.  It's so nice to have a garage to put stuff in!

I had my 36 week midwife appointment on Wednesday and everything still looks good although he hasn't dropped (Quentin never did) and I'm not dilated at all :(   Looks like we're in for the long haul.  I get kind of jealous when other women say that they usually deliver 2 or 3 weeks early.  Why do I have to be pregnant for a whole extra month?  I have started to get REALLY tired.  Like I can barely make it through the day with a two hour nap.  I'm definitely losing all motivation.  I went to zumba on Monday, but decided it was just getting to be too much so I did my pre-natal yoga video on Wednesday instead.


Amanda said…
As a mom who had children close in age (less than 2 months), I wouldn't even worry about potty training until well after baby is here. I wasn't a stay at home mom and my oldest was a total daddy's girl but it was a HUGE transition for her to have a new sibling. I'd keep putting him on before bath and whatnot but I wouldn't force the issue at all. That can actually make them more apprehensive about going.

Once you're ready to "bite the bullet" and full-on potty train, I recommend not doing the pull-ups thing and just go with pants or pantsless for a few days. We had a lot of luck with pushing fluids (fully-loaded juice when she normally gets diluted juice, super chocolatey milk) for a few days and taking her every 10-20 min. After a few days, she was much better about recognizing what it felt like. I recommend Albert be home while you do this, if you do this, to help with Q or the baby since you're going to be going back and forth a lot and/or cleaning up messes. has a lot of good advice. You can get tips of what are signs your child is ready, etc. on there. Good luck! Poop potty training is going to drive me crazy...she has totally decided to control if/when she goes in the potty and she downright refuses to go.

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