Fun Photo Friday // Getting Closer

We had a busy week.  Wednesday I had my midwife appointment, which will be weekly from now on.  Everything still looks good.  The baby's head is down, with a good (very loud) heart rate and he probably weigh around 5.5 lbs.  She said he is really curled up in there.  Quentin talks about going to listen to "Wyatt heart" and he makes the swishing noise.  

Although this pregnancy has been perfectly normal and I haven't had any issues, I'm definitely getting to the point where I would like to not be pregnant anymore.  It will be nice to have my body back, at least partially.   I also went to zumba all three days, it getting more and more difficult to get the motivation to go.

Quentin is such a funny kid and is always saying and doing new things.  He is really getting good at identifying different colors.  He knows white, blue, green, red and sometimes orange and yellow.  He also likes to count, "one, two" and sometimes three.  Occasionally he'll sing along with the radio in the car and the other day he was singing "Trouble, trouble" along with the Taylor Swift song.  It was so cute!  He is also starting to use the gerand form (-ing) and says "sleeping" and "Daddy painting."

He has been playing in the loft a lot lately and likes to take all of his Thomas the Train Engine trains he got from his cousins in Florida and attach them all together.  He also likes playing with his big lego type blocks and makes big towers with them.  He's still sleeping like a champ once again after a brief hiatus. He will now tell me "go" when he's done being cuddled.  No more trying to sneak out!

A woman from our church recovered the cushions for our glider and dropped them off this week.  They look so much better!  I'm excited to put Quentin's new room together.  Albert spent his weekend (Thurs and Fri) painting the old junk room and it looks so much better!  We decided to go with grey and a green accent wall.  We'll move him in as soon as we get new curtains hung up.  Hopefully it will smell less like paint by then.  We also have paint ready for the nursery and Albert will be painting that within the next couple weeks.


kimi + joe said…
what a sweet, sweet photo!

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