(after sucking off all the chocolate from his chocolate covered banana slices)

Quentin had a fever for a few days this week, but never showed any signs of illness besides being super cranky, clingy, lack of energy, and loss of appetite.  He's reverted back to wanting to be carried up and down the stairs even though he's feeling better.  

He's doing a lot of the things that people say kids do once their second baby is born like wanting the parents to do everything for them.  He will cry for one of us to get him his drink even though he has to walk right by it to get us.  I guess he can tell his life is going to be changing drastically soon.

Albert and I have been working on our list of things to do before baby arrives.  Albert painted the baby's room a light grey and it looks so much better.  It's clean and ready to go.  Now we just need to get some furniture.  We have a play yard we bought for him in our room and we'll move that into the bedroom once he's waking up less than three times a night.  We've been scouring Craig's List for a dresser and are hoping to get that soon.  He also vaccuumed every nook and cranny in the house.

I finally finished washing all the baby's clothes, which are in baskets until we get the dresser, and I'm done with all my sewing projects (although I'm thinking about making bandanna bibs).  The baby is kicking and doing great.  Totally content to stay inside for a while longer.  I have zero contractions or any other sign that I'm going to be delivering in a couple weeks.

I talked to my midwife about getting induced at 41 weeks instead of 41.5 weeks, but she seems convinced that I will go into labor naturally by drinking herbal tea.  I am totally skeptical of all those self induction techniques since the studies say they don't really work.  I did some research and it seems that the two techniques most likely to work are primrose oil and sex.  If I do go into labor without pitocin I'll be converted to the primrose oil, but we'll see.  Hopefully it works, otherwise I'll be having a stern conversation with the midwife.  I'm going to need help with this new baby and we have no  family in the area so we have to take advantage of the time my in-laws are here.


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