Quentin moved into his new room this week!  The curtains came in today so we were able to move all his furniture into the new room and hung up some pictures.  The room looks so much better now, especially with the glider and stool recovered. 

We have spent most of our free time working on the list of things to do before baby #2 comes.  Albert is especially motivated by lists and loves to mark off all we've accomplished at the end of the day.  Next week we'll be working on the nursery and some administrative tasks.   

I have been making baby mittens and baby legwarmers, something I've been planning on doing for at least a year and a half.  I finally got out my sewing machine and it took me forever to figure it out again.  I'm not sure trying to work on somewhat complicated tasks late in pregnancy is a good idea.

Last Sunday my dad came to stay the night since he was in the area for work.  It was nice to see him and Albert was able to come home early to hang out.  

Thursday we resumed our church playgroup.  The weather has been so beautiful we had to put on sunscreen.  Quentin is a pretty funny kid.  He would rather sit by the adults and snack, occasionally playing with his trucks, than go down the slide. When I ask him what he did during the day, he just lists off the food he ate.  He takes after his mom.

Quentin has been a little more clingy lately.  The midwife said that little kids seems to sense the impending change.  We have been talking about the baby coming for a long time, but things are starting to get real with only a few weeks to go.

I tested positive for strep B this time around so I'll have to have antibiotics when I deliver.  Otherwise everything seems to be going fine with the pregnancy.  He's still crazy busy in there and kicks a lot.  I've started to get terrible heartburn that comes long after I've eaten.  I cannot wait to hold my sweet little newborn and not be pregnant anymore.  Pity that although I will be comfortable enough to sleep after he's born, I won't be able to for at least a few months.


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