Quentin Turns Two!

To try and make Quentin's day special we tried to eat and do all the things that he likes.  We started out with his favorite breakfast, SPAM and rice.

After breakfast we opened some presents.  

Since Albert bought a lot of presents for Quentin for Christmas we saved some for his birthday.  

He also got a giant play tent and a doctor's play kit.

Quentin loves the train at the mall so we decided it would be fun for him to ride it.  Albert wasn't impressed and thought it was a waste of money, but Quentin liked it.

I think his favorite part was after the ride when the conductor let him "drive" the train and blow the horn.  He was in heaven.


After our trip to the mall we dropped by Burger King to get Quentin some chicken nuggets.  He recognizes the sign easily anytime we see any BK and yells out "nuggets".  After lunch and his nap we got out the chocolate cake I made the day before and got Albert's family on Skype to sing happy birthday watch Quentin blow out the candles.  I made two small cakes and let him blow out the candle on the bigger one and then he ate the smaller one.

He did really well blowing out the candles especially since we didn't give him much guidance on what he was supposed to do.  He grabbed my hand, I suppose for moral support.  He's the cutest.

He liked blowing out the candles so much we did it again.  This time he got both of them in one shot.

His favorite part of the cake was the frosting and the sprinkles.

We're so happy this little guy came into our family two years ago.  He has really brightened our lives and it's been a joy to watch him grow and learn.  I love his personality, his hugs, and love of all things Micky Mouse.


kimi + joe said…
Happy birthday, big guy! It's so fun that you had an entire day dedicated to you. I remember visiting you in the hospital when you were just hours old. it's fun to see how you've grown and personality has developed. My only regret is that we weren't there to celebrate with you!

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