Fun Photo Friday // Feeling Better

Everyone has been feeling a lot better this week.  I went to zumba all three times and Quentin's appetite is back.  He has really been into chicken nuggets, but will only eat those from a restaurant.  He asks for them all the time and since it's the only meat he'll eat besides spam we buy a 20 piece from the slowest Burger King I've ever been to every few days.  He also really enjoyed the chocolate fondue we had for Valentine's day and the heart sugar cookies I made.  He asks for a "coo coo" (cookie) several times a day and even started calling his favorite stuffed animal kitty something that sounds like cookie.

Unfortunately he has had a really tough time sleeping through the night and getting to sleep during nap time.  Hopefully it's just a phase and we can get him back on his normal sleep schedule.  He's so  much happier when he gets enough sleep and so am I.

Monday we had our bi-weekly midwife appointment that went well.  Quentin was excited to hear the baby's heartbeat and didn't cry when she put the wand on my belly.  I'm measuring perfectly at 33 weeks and the baby's head is still down.  We only have one more bi-weekly appointment before we start going every week!  I'm really excited to have this little baby.  I get a little anxious when I'm dealing with a Quentin crisis and the baby kicks me, reminding me that I'm going to be dealing simultaneously with two little people with lots of needs pretty soon.  Wish me luck!

The sciatic nerve issues I struggled with during my pregnancy with Quentin have returned.  While I don't have to worry about trying to walk to work from the metro anymore, I do have to pick up an almost two-year-old several times a day and bending over is a killer! 

Albert was busy putting up the pavilion we bought.  The missionaries came over on Wednesday for lunch and to help out. It's going to be really nice in the summer when the sun beats down in our backyard.  We also finally finished recovering the dining chairs (we did two of them months ago) and dropped off the glider cushions to a woman from church who said she could recover them.


Laura said…
I am sorry about your nerve issues, hat can be draining. Delivery will be a relief from that at least:) While time consuming, its so nice to have those weekly appointments to feel more and more excited about the baby, congrats on being so close!

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