Fun Photo Friday // Tough Week

I took Quentin into the doctor on Saturday in hopes that they would say he wouldn't have to wear the oxygen anymore.  He was obviously feeling better and I was at my wits' end trying to keep him from ripping off the oxygen, wrapping the tube around his neck, and carrying the heavy oxygen machine up and down the stairs.  After he started feeling better he was always getting the tube caught on the ottoman and it would pull on his face.  Very sad. 

Although his oxygen level was up to 90, it wasn't high enough to get off.  The PA was concerned that since it had been awhile he might have pneumonia so he sent us to the hospital to get a chest x-ray.  I hadn't planned on being gone so long and it was dinner time, but Quentin was a really sweet and good natured about the whole thing.  

I had to check-in at the ER and that took a long time.  They then told me to go back to the information desk and wait for someone from radiology.  I waited for about a half hour and then used the phone at the information desk to finally find someone to help us.  I couldn't be with him while he was getting his x-ray since I'm with child, but he did pretty well.  In the end there was nothing wrong with his lungs and we went home with him still hooked up to oxygen, which was really disappointing.

We didn't really go anywhere Sunday - Tuesday.  I wasn't feeling very well and it was too hard to take Quentin out with the oxygen.  Luckily during our visit to the doctor on Wednesday they finally gave us the okay to take him off.  We went out eat on Thursday night and to a church party on Friday night.  I was so nice to get out.  

We got a lot of organizing done this week and hopefully we can start painting soon.  We also found the title for the Traverse so we can finally go and get it transferred from Oklahoma to New Mexico!

Quentin's vocabulary is constantly expanding and changing.  He has great manners.  He says "thank you" all the time.  I was a little worried since the mom's of other kid's his age were encouraging their kids to say it when they were 18 months old, but I didn't really do it, but he's picked up on it really well.  He also started to call Albert "daddy" instead of "dada."  I think he's a great little talker, but then I don't really have much frame of reference on that one. He is also starting to get into playing by himself, which is great timing!

The little baby in my belly is super active.  I can't remember if Quentin was quite that active.  I was a little worried during his ultrasounds because he hardly moved at all and Quentin was kicking and punching like crazy during his, but apparently he's making up for it now.  

I also found out why I get so much heartburn during pregnancy. It's because I have hairy little babies and that's Albert's fault since I didn't have any hair until I was five.  They even proved this old wives tale in a study.


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