Fun Photo Friday // Oxygen

This week has been pretty rough.  Quentin had a fever off and on all weekend so I decided to take him into the doctor on Monday just as a precaution.  It was good that I did because he ended up having low oxygen levels.  He had some sort of bronchial problem, maybe RSV.  So we had to put him on oxygen all the time.  We have a big machine that purifies the air, but we have to bring it up and down the stairs when he sleeps.  Luckily Albert was sick too so he took off Tuesday and Wednesday and was around to help me hook him up to the machine and bring it up and down the stairs.

On Tuesday we took him back in to check his oxygen levels and they were looking better so the doctor said that it seemed like by Thursday we could take him off, by Friday at the latest.  We took him back in on Thursday and he was actually worse.  He had a double ear infection on top of even lower oxygen levels.  He was so grouchy too.  All he wanted to do was watch tv and would barely eat anything.  So we got him on an antibiotic and he's been doing a lot better ever since.  He's so much happier and he ate 9.5 chicken nuggets on Friday.  With all his extra energy it's been really hard to keep him attached to the oxygen.  He takes it off all the time and gets the tube all wrapped around himself.

Albert and I have also had a cold.  It hasn't been horrible, but we've definitely had a lot of mucus and congestion, which has led to hanging out in the bathroom together blowing our noses and coughing a lot.  We haven't had a fever or anything like that.   

The baby is still kicking and moving around, not much has changed on the pregnancy front.  I had all these plans of getting Quentin's new room together after we got home from Florida, but everything has been put on hold until we feel better.  I am getting really excited to hold my little guy and see what he looks like and discover his personality.  I'm also glad he's still in the womb and can avoid all this sickness.  Luckily he isn't due until April when we should be in the clear.

We're all getting cabin fever since we haven't really been able to go anywhere for over a week now.  Lets hope we'll be clear of this by the end of next week because I don't think I can handle it anymore.


kimi + joe said…
That's so rough, I'm sorry and wish I could help in some way. Fresh air will do you all some good so let's hope you're on the mend quickly!!! I'm sending healthy vibes from Denver.
Shaunel said…
your week sounds horrific! I can't even imagine having to keep Jackson attached to an oxygen tube! So glad you guys started feeling better.

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