Fun Photo Friday // Getting Big

Quentin turned two this week!  He's getting so big.  He started playing with big lego blocks, making big towers.  He called Rapunzel on Tangled "pretty" and flirted with the doctor during his two year check-up.  He's in the 25th percentile of height and weight, which the doctor says is good and he didn't cry at all except during his vaccination.

We've been starting to prepare Quentin for the new baby by encouraging him to go up and down the stairs by himself.  He has been physically able to for a very long time, but he likes to be carried and we have been accommodating his requests for too long.  Since we'll have to be carting a newborn up and down the stairs in a month and a half and I'm getting pretty huge, we decided he should be doing that himself.  He's getting used it and doesn't even ask that much anymore.  I usually have a good excuse since he wants me to carry a bunch of toys for him.

Quentin was having problems going to and staying asleep all last week so this week I decided we really had to get his bedtime routine down to something manageable.  I read some advice from the "Complete Sleep Guide for Contented Babies and Toddlers" by Gina Ford and started to leave for a couple minutes every ten minutes and now he's gotten used to me leaving and doesn't cry anymore every time I go.  I was spending hours in that room trying to sneak out while he was asleep, but he would wake up and cry.  It was a mess.  I was bribing him to take naps that were half as long as they were a couple weeks ago, but he's sleeping longer and going to sleep on his own and it only took a few days.  I heart Gina Ford.

Quentin and I have had runny noses and now it's turning into a congested cough, at least for me.  It's made an uncomfortable situation even more so especially when trying to sleep.  I've had sciatic nerve problems and hip discomfort I purchased a maternity support belt per the advice of my midwife and my mother.  It's been pretty nice.  It does take some weight off and makes it a little more comfortable.

I went to zumba all three days plus I went to a free maternity yoga class offered by the hospital where I'll be delivering.  It was nice going to a class where all the participants were also pregnant since it's not  a novelty like it is at zumba.  It feel like people are looking at me a lot and I have worry about modifying some moves.  I also went to New Beginnings for Young Women's which is a special activity for the girls I teach at church.  It was in the evening and I was so tired the whole time.  I decided not to go to Relief Society the next evening, which was a good choice.  I start getting tired at like 5:00 pm regardless of whether or not I get a nap.

I believe the tiredness is contributing to my pregnant brain.  Quentin and I went to the mall a couple times this week to get some deals and I ended up walking out of Macy's with a tie I meant to buy for Quentin.  I didn't realize this until the next day when I found it in the stroller shade.  When I took it back to pay for it I realized I took some tights I meant to buy at Gap, where I was just shopping.  Ugh. The Gap at our mall is closing this week so they had a lot of extra deals.  I bought a lot of shirts for Albert and a couple things for me, although I have no idea if they'll even fit for at least six months.  They look terrible on me now, but I'm hoping after losing 30 lbs they'll look a lot better. 


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