Fun Photo Friday // First Dentist Appointment

Quentin had a busy day on Thursday.  I wanted to make sure he had his influenza vaccination as soon as possible since it's been going around and it's worse than average in New Mexico so I made a special appointment.  I also finally scheduled his first dental appointment.  It went well.  His teeth look great.  I wasn't sure they would since it's hard to tell how well they get brushed.  We also found out that he's in the process of getting his last molar, which explains why he's been sucking on his hands and socks. 

I also had an appointment this week.  I had to get my glucose test, which is always horrible.  The tester recommended that I stick around to make sure I made my one hour time limit to draw my blood, but Albert convinced me to leave and I almost missed the time limit.  Luckily I didn't have to do it again.

Quentin is saying some new words like monkey and hungry.  He also likes to pretend he's talking to Papa (grandpa) on the phone and says "lo (hello) Papa, eat?, bye."  Once we called my dad and he didn't answer so I suggested that perhaps he was eating so now he asks if he's eating.

We stopped by Home Goods after Quentin got his immunizations and spent a bunch of money on wall art for the house and we also bought material to cover our dining room chairs and the cushions on our glider.  We have recovered two of the chairs so far and they look great.  Now we just need to find someone to recover the glider.  We also found a Skip Hop crib set and sleep sack for over 50% off.


Melanie Eastman said…
Hey Tiffany! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I just checked out yours--so cute. Your baby boy is darling! Congrats on baby #2--April will come pretty fast, I bet. At least for those of us who aren't pregnant...:) I hope you guys are doing well. I didn't put this on my blog yet, but I did put it on Facebook, so maybe you saw it--we are moving to Idaho in a couple months! Right now we are less than a 5 hour drive from you--it would be fun to get together if we were going to be around longer!

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