Fun Photo Friday // Lovey Boy

Quentin is a very affectionate little guy.  He loves to give group hugs and will grab both of our necks and pat our backs.  After we give him a kiss he will encourage us to kiss each other.  

He loves pockets and thinks that his shirt and pants are pockets.  He's always putting things down his shirt and I found about a cup of cereal in his pajamas the other day.

It seems like he's been having a growth spurt and has been sleeping a lot more, which is awesome.  He slept until 8:30 one morning and til about 7:30 other mornings.

We went to my monthly midwife appointment this week and everything looks good.  I'm now in my third trimester and am feeling heavier.  I have to get my blood sugar test next and I'm really not looking forward to it.  I'll start going to my appointments bi-weekly now.


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