Fun Photo Friday // Hospital Tour

Quentin is talking more and more and his pronunciation is getting better all the time.  Albert heard him say "I don't want to" when he told him we were going to suck the snot out of his nose.  That's the most words he's ever put together.  He's also been working on his colors a lot.  He loves green, but gets it confused with blue a lot.  He can also sometimes point out pink, white, black, and grey.

He loves talking on the phone with his grandparents and is always saying Lolo or "nono" which means grandpa in Tagolog.  He calls them both Lolo since he can't say Lola (grandma).  It's funny because he doesn't say "grandma" either  and calls my mom "papa" too.  He says phone "chow,"  I'm not sure where he gets that.  He started to actually talk on the phone and will say hello "lo" and then talk about whatever he's holding at the moment, his food or toys.  He can say love you, but it doesn't really sound like it, and bye.  

Quentin started coughing while we were in Florida, but I figured it was just the change in climate since he didn't show any other symptoms, but it continued once we got home.  On Thursday we went shopping and out to eat and he was so good even though it was past his nap time.  When we got home around 2:30 he slept until I went and got him at 6:00.  I noticed he had a little fever so we got him ready for bed and gave him tylenol and he went to sleep for 11 more hours at 8:00.  On Friday he still had a fever so we kept him home. He had another five hour nap and didn't eat much.  Hopefully he feels better soon!

On Wednesday I had an appointment with my midwife.  I'm going every two weeks now.  Everything looks great.  He's lying on my left side with his head down.  He has a good heart beat and moves around a lot. My glucose tests were normal and my iron went up from my initial tests so I'm not anemic like usual. That liquid iron supplement helped I guess. I feel good.  It's starting to get a little more uncomfortable and I get tired, just normal pregnancy stuff.  I went to zumba on Friday and didn't  feel over exerted.  I took it easy for the most part, but sometimes even that can be hard on me.

After the appointment we went to the hospital next door for our tour.  It was at that point that they let us know that Quentin wouldn't be able to go on the tour with us because of flu season.  Luckily we were able to take him to our friend's house where he sat outside on her son's Little Tikes car the entire time.  He loves going there.

The tour went really well.  It's a really small hospital and they don't have a NICU or nursery.  It's really only good if you're pretty sure you'll have a smooth delivery. Since everything went well last time and I haven't had any complications this time I think it will be ok.  If anything happens they will send mother and baby to the women's hospital across town.  If I go into labor before 37 weeks or after 41 weeks I have to deliver at the other hospital.  They do c-sections and inductions so that's good.  

It's so small there was only one woman admitted there at the time and the anesthesiologist was there to answer any questions.  They re-modeled the L&D floor a couple years ago so everything is really new.    The delivery and recovery is all done in one room, which is fairly large and nice.  You get a lobster and steak meal and a massage after delivery and the dad also gets free food throughout your stay.  It seems a lot better than the hospital in Alexandria that I delivered at last time.  It's really laid back and the people are nice.  My doctor and some of the nurses in Virginia tended to talk down to me and I had no experience to assert myself.  It was interesting to compare our experience in DC, the hospital we visited in Orlando last week, and this one.

Albert was able to get a new trainer at work this week.  Things weren't going well with his old one and it was making it so he didn't want to go to work anymore.  I was praying that something would change at his work place and miraculously it did.  Since he has a different trainer he has a different schedule.  Now he has Thursdays and Fridays off and goes into work late on Saturday and Sunday so he can go to church for the first hour now!  This will be so helpful when the baby is born and I'll have some help during Sacrament Meeting.


Laura said…
I am glad your hospital tour went well. It sounds like you will be pampered! It totally makes sense to feed dad during the stay too, I am glad they will.

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