Florida Trip Pt III

On Thursday we went to Daytona Beach to show Quentin the ocean.  Unfortunately by the time we actually went down to the beach it was like a hurricane.  The wind was blowing like crazy and it got pretty cold out so we opted to go to the beach next time we go to Florida.  

Albert's uncle owns a sweet condo on the beach that he rents out to vacationers.  Since no one was occupying it at the time we went to check it out.  Maybe next time we go we'll stay the night.  Quentin had a lot of fun playing with his cousins until he fell and cut his lip open.

We ate lunch at Red Lobster with his sisters, their kids, his parents, and his uncle and then we went home to put Quentin down for a nap.  While he was sleeping I went with my sister-in-law, niece, and mother-in-law to get our nails done and then we went to Out Back for dinner with everyone.  It was a 6000 calorie day and one of the reasons I gained 10 lbs during the week.

Friday we went to Orlando to visit Alvin, Jes, and Caleb at the hospital one last time before we went home.  The baby had been moved to the NICU so I was able to hold him and Albert took a bunch of pictures.  He's such a cutie pie.  I can't believe we'll have a newborn in 2.5 months!

We dropped Quentin and his cousins off to hang out with his grandparents while we went on a date with Albert's sisters and brother-in-law.  We ate out and then hit up the $1.50 movie theatre where Albert used to work (it just became a $1.50 theatre recently) and watched Taken 2.

We were supposed to get up early on Saturday to catch our flight, but our alarm went off two hours late because it was set to Mountain Time.  We got up when Quentin did just before 7 AM and we hurried, but it was pretty obvious we weren't going to make it so Albert called the airlines and got us the next flight out.  Unfortunately because it was Saturday there was a limited amount of flights going from Denver to Albuquerque so we had a six hour layover in Denver.  

I just about cried with joy when I saw the children's play area at the USO.  What a relief to be able to hang out where Quentin could eat and play with toys.  It was a super long day since we left at 7 AM  EST and didn't get home until 9 PM MST, but Quentin did great on the plane and everything worked out ok.


Laura said…
I hated travel once I was pregnant, you are a trooper to make it happen!

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