Florida Trip Pt II

We had already planned a trip to Orlando on Wednesday so we stopped by the hospital to see Jesicca, Alvin, and baby Caleb before lunch.  Albert's sisters and some of their kids came with us and Cousin Jake was able to stop by while he was at work.  Since the baby was in the transitional care unit we couldn't see him, only threw the window, but it was fun talking to Alvin and Jes.

We then headed over to Downtown Disney with Albert's sisters and kids and ate lunch with our friends Danielle, Stephen, and their new little girl Mary.  (Albert took their engagement pictures in November last year.)  We then had a delicious dessert at Ghiradelli's and made our way up to Lego Land where Quentin played with Legos with his cousin Jadon.

We went back to the hospital until it was time to have dinner at Jake and Bethany's.  We didn't get to hang out too long because Quentin needed to get to bed after a long day without a nap.  He had a blast with Jake who has lots of practice with cranky kids.


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