Christmas Fun

Quentin had a lot of fun this Christmas.  He loved the tree and the lights and opening up presents.  He also loved Santa even though he was scared of him.  He only broke one ornament and we ended up buying a bunch of new shatterproof ones for our tree the day after Christmas so no big deal.

We were sure Quentin was going to love his new horse, but he got scared when I pushed the button on the horse's ear that makes him whinny and move his head and he's only ridden it a couple times since then.  He does like pushing the horse's ears.

Quentin and Albert received some good gifts, but I think I made out the best.  Albert bought me a blue topaz ring which has been great since my fingers are now too big for my wedding rings.

I made ebelskivers for breakfast which is a tradition in my family.  My mom recently sent me my grandma's recipe so I used that.  Quentin ate like eight of them.  YUM!

We made ham, potatoes, rolls, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and fresh vegetables for dinner.  It was tasty and wasn't as stressful as making a turkey.  It was a nice relaxing day, a great way to celebrate the first Christmas in our new home.


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