Florida Trip Pt I

After not having been on a vacation since we went to Florida last November, we were more than ready to spend a week in the Orlando area.  When we left our home in New Mexico it was zero degrees and when we landed in Orlando it was 80 degrees.  

I was surprised with a baby shower when we arrived at Albert's sister's house and we enjoyed a buffet of delicious Filipino food with lots of family.

Our first day was pretty non-eventful.  We went to the park in the morning and ate lunch at home with Albert's parents and uncle.  Tuesday, however was pretty exciting as Albert's brother's wife went into labor and finally delivered their first little boy that evening around 6:00.  We all headed over to the hospital in Orlando and were able to see the baby as they wheeled him from the delivery room where he was delivered via c-section after a long failed vaginal labor.  He had to be monitored so we didn't get to hold him that day.

Albert took a bunch of pictures of everyone while we were hanging out in the lobby of the hospital.  Quentin was in heaven playing with his older cousins.

Since we were already in Orlando we decided to stop by and see my cousin Jake for a quick visit.  He's doing his residency at the children's and women's hospital so they live really close.  His wife Bethany was having a girls' night so we hung out with Jake and his cute baby Corbett.  Since his mom wasn't around, Corbett actually let me hold him and he was so cute and fun.


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