Meeting Santa

On Friday we went to our church Christmas party and Quentin was able to meet Santa Clause.  He was pretty excited about since he'd seen him on tv a bunch of times recently.  Every time I talked to him about Santa he would wave and say "hi! hi! hi!"  We bought him elf pajamas and I decided we might as well dress him in his little outfit.  My parents were in town and came with us.

Here is Quentin with my mom meeting Mrs. Clause:

It was pretty obvious that although Quentin was excited to see Santa, he wasn't going to happily sit on his lap.  I sat on the arm rest holding him and my dad snapped some pictures.  There were no tears and it was much less traumatic than last year.   He was pretty happy about getting a candy cane.  My dad said it was delicious :)


Laura said…
That's awesome that Mrs. Clause was there as well, I have never met her during any of my visits to Santa!
kimi + joe said…
He seemed like a trooper! Did you style his hair differently?

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