Have a Very Merry Christmas 2012

January: Tiffany & Quentin made a trip to Wyoming to visit Grandpa Bright before he passed away and to attend his funeral.  While it was great to see so much family, we will really miss our Grandpa.

February: Quentin celebrated his first birthday.  He was sick on his actual birthday, but loved his banana cake the next day.  Lolo Romy (Albert’s dad) was there for the celebrations.

April: Albert passed his tests for his difficult training at the FAA Academy and he started his new job in Albuquerque as an Air Traffic Controller.  He will continue training for the next couple years.  We moved into an apartment in NE Albuquerque while we looked for a house. We bought a Prius for Albert to drive to work.

June: We closed on a great home in Rio Rancho (a town north of NW Albuquerque) on June 29!

July: We found out we were expecting another baby around April 1!  Grandma Wendy & Grandpa Randy visited.

August: Aunt Melaina visited and we went to Santa Fe.  Morning sickness began to kick in.  Tiffany celebrated her 32nd birthday.

October: We watched our first Balloon Fiesta from our backyard.   Quentin visited a pumpkin patch and went trick-or-treating for the first time.  He loved it!  We found out we’ll be having another boy in the family in April.  Albert turned 30!

November: Tiffany & Quentin visited Grandpa Kalei and Grandma Vicki in Houston.  Our friends Kim, Joe, & baby Elizabeth joined us for Thanksgiving.

December: We got a new patio in the backyard.  Grandma Wendy & Grandpa Randy visited and Quentin saw Santa Clause at our church Christmas party.


Shaunel said…
Tiffany, it was great to get your email! So excited for your new little one, and more pictures of your house :) Happy New Year

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