Fun Photo Friday: Week 97

Quentin had a lot of fun this week celebrating Christmas.  Having his dad around for three days was great!  He really loves holidays and luckily we still have New Years, Valentines, and his birthday coming up to keep the festivities going.  We wanted to start organizing so we took down all our Christmas decorations already.

We got all sorts of home improvement projects started/done and were able to buy some great round ottomans at Target for half off the day after Christmas.  They're emerald green which is considered a holiday color, but it is also the design color for 2013 so really we're ahead of the curve :)  Our house is really feeling homey now and I love it.  One day when we're "done" I want to post before and after pictures of our house.  I don't know if we'll ever actually get to that point so it might have to be a "in progress."

I bought some smoked cheddar at Target (half off of course) and Quentin decided that he actually likes it!  He has a pretty limited diet so anytime he adds something to the list is wonderful.  

The pregnancy is still going great.  Lots of kicking and heartburn.  I bought a little newborn outfit to bring him home in and it made me even more excited to meet this little guy.


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