Fun Photo Friday: Week 95

Quentin continues to say "right" a lot.  Usually after we figure out what he's said.  He'll say "dare" and I'll say "down/up stairs" and he'll say "right."  I feel pretty good when he says this because it's like I've won something.  Yes! I got it right!

Our ever evolving going to sleep routine has now changed slightly.  Quentin usually wants to be put in his bed right away instead of me holding him, but he wants me to stay in the room so he'll say "bed" and then "chair."  I am to put him in his bed and then sit in the chair.  Sometimes he wants me to sing "I'm a Child of God," but usually I sit quietly in the dark until I feel like it's safe to leave. It's hard to determine and sometimes I have to come back and sit some more.

I was instructed by my midwife to take a liquid iron supplement because it is better absorbed than the pill I have been taking.  You're supposed to take it a half an hour before you eat which seems to be the hardest thing for me to remember.  It starts out tasting like yummy berries, but leaves a metal taste in your mouth afterwards.  I do feel like I'm a little less tired lately.

Albert has been really busy working on a little path to the side of our house to keep our garbage cans on.  It looks pretty cute.  We also got out our winter clothes since it snowed a little bit (don't worry nothing stuck).  Albert also put up our Christmas lights and we bought a cheap wreath from the Home Depot so we're festive now like the rest of the neighborhood.

The baby kicks and moves around all the time (still) and I'm feeling good so everything is going well with the pregnancy. Instead of giving his little brother kisses, Quentin likes to blow on my belly, just like a big brother.  He will pat my belly and say "baby" and then pat his belly and say "baby."

My favorite thing to drink lately is milk steamers.  I bought a bunch of sugar-free flavored syrups from the Dollar Tree and you just add that to some warm milk.  It is so good.  Like hot chocolate but not as sweet and sugary.


kimi + joe said…
What a precious photo, really. I love a good milk steamer too. Also, have you tried WHITE hot chocolate? It's excellent!

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