Fun Photo Friday: Week 94

This week was pretty busy. We bought a groupon awhile back for some landscaping work that was supposed to start next week, but they called and asked if they could start early. They worked on our beautiful new patio and wall all day Thursday and Friday and for half the day on Saturday. One of the former owners of this house put in the last patio and it wasn't done correctly and was horribly uneven. Now we can roll our new grill out there and Quentin can ride his bike, although he prefers to play in the dirt and rocks. 

My parents came down from Wyoming for the weekend, which was fun. Quentin loves his Grandpa "Papa" and was very excited to have him in town. They came on Friday afternoon in time to go to our church Christmas party and see Santa! On Saturday morning we all went shopping in Albuquerque and Albert and I went out to dinner that evening. Albert took the day off so it was fun to have him around.

Quentin has been saying "right" in a weird voice like you would say "ribbit."  At least I'm pretty sure that's what he's saying.  When I ask him a question sometimes he'll say it so I'm assuming that means "yes."  Funny kid.  I thought I would just get better at deciphering his language, but he keeps coming up with new words with unknown meanings.


kimi + joe said…
I want to see the new landscaping!! Photos, please.

Doesn't Q look like he's on the cusp of his teenage years in that outfit? I think so :)

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