24 weeks

I'm in that great second trimester phase right now where sometimes I forget I'm pregnant.  I do get heartburn frequently, but Tums takes care of that.  I still go to zumba as often as I can.  Some days are definitely better than others and I have to take it easy during some songs.  One of the instructors is also pregnant so it motivates me to keep going.  If she can do it, I can do it.

I love feeling the little guy kicking and moving around.  It's different this time.  Since we have pretty much everything already we haven't really bought anything for the new baby, we are thinking about buying a sit and stand stroller though.  We already have a name picked out (except for the middle name) and I don't hang out where pregnancy is a novelty like it was at my old job.  Everyday people would ask me how I was feeling a million times a day.  I got so sick of talking about being pregnant.  There are a lot of pregnant people around here and I don't see my friends everyday.


abby said…
Tiffany you look great. If I ever get pregnant, I hope I can carry it off with as much style as you have.

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