Fun Photo Friday: Week 93

coloring while eating his breakfast cookie first thing in the morning

Quentin has been really into coloring and riding his bike this week.  He's also started calling anything with wheels a truck.  So our new grill is a truck as well.  His favorite words are "uh-oh," "no," and "truck." 

We got out our Christmas decorations and bought a big tree.  We've had a 3' tree since before we were married, but we decided it was time for an upgrade and they had a deal at Sam's Club for a skinny 7' pre-lit tree.  Quentin really loves it.  Luckily he hasn't really touched it too much.  I did put all the breakable ornaments at the top so it's not a big deal if he does.  Albert put the nativity his parents brought back from the Philippines on our mantel and we'll put up some lights out front of the house, hopefully next week.

Albert has been really busy putting things together.  We have a new bench in our foyer and new storage shelves in our garage.  We have to start cleaning out the junk room upstairs so Quentin can eventually move in and we'll put the baby in the smaller room.  We've also put up some pictures so our house is feeling much more homey lately.

The baby has been moving around a lot lately, which is fun.  Of course he never hits the same spot twice so Albert has yet to feel him.


Laura said…
Coloring and cookies, what a lucky kid! Just when we would give up on getting Blake to feel kicks, the baby would move, its hard to have someone else feel them in the right spot at the right time. Good lick Albert!

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