Fun Photo Friday: Week 92

We had a fun holiday week.  Albert ended up having to take off Tuesday for his holiday so he decided to also take off Friday.  This meant that we were able to enjoy him at home for four whole days!  Our friends Kim & Joe came for a visit with their little one, Elizabeth for Thanksgiving.  It was really fun to see Quentin and Elizabeth playing together since this was the first time we were together that they were old enough to really hang out.  Albert and I made our first turkey and finally got to use our double ovens at the same time :)  I'm happy to report that everything was edible.

Albert bought a lot of stuff on-line and in the store for Black Friday.  In fact we have Quentin's Christmas and birthday gifts bought.  Later on Friday we went to World Market and bought all gifts for the females and children in our family.  We also bought a grill, a shed, tools, and other stuff for our house.  Albert used his days off to install a new light in the kitchen and digital thermostats that you can adjust from your i-pad.  We've done a lot of home improvement tasks and things are really coming together.

Quentin likes to hold things and pack stuff around with him, usually toys or household items.  If you try and take whatever he's holding away from him he throws a fit, so I try to limit my battles to dangerous or expensive stuff.  He has brought a lot of random things with him into the store with us, like a bottle of Maloxx, Vicks, nasal spray, "One for the Money" novel, thermostat, and thermometer.

I've been craving Mexican food like crazy.  I didn't really have cravings with Quentin, but beans and rice sound so good.  


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